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R.W Flame water dispenser not only provides you with clean, filtered drinking water but also come in various models. It is different from the water cooler. Although both of them can give you cold and hot water, the RW water dispenser has an ice maker which can provide you with ice cubes. Moreover, the design of the RW water dispenser is more elegant and it takes up less space than a water cooler.

The R.W Flame 3in1 Water Dispenser is a great way to have HOT and COLD water at your fingertips. With 2 temperatures of water, hot (up to 95 ) and cool (40-50 ), you can have your choice of water without having to wait for the kettle to boil. The slim design takes up less counter space and with the push of a button, you can dispense either hot or cold water.

Water cooler dispensers

The R.W Flame Dispenser is a great way to have access to hot water without having to worry about the accidental pouring of hot water. The child-safety lock ensures that accidental pouring will not happen, and you can also enjoy the benefits of an ice maker.

It features a detachable drip tray and a compact design that makes it easy to clean and store. The R.W. Flame Dispenser is perfect for small spaces, such as apartments, dormitories, or office break rooms.


What is the R.W. Flame 3in1 Water Cooler & Hot Dispenser?

The R.W. Flame 3in1 Water Cooler & Hot Dispenser is a water cooler that also dispenses hot water. It has three temperature settings – hot, cold, and ice maker – so you can choose the perfect temperature for your needs. The hot water dispenser is great for making tea, coffee, or instant noodles, while the cold water dispenser is perfect for cooling down on a hot day.